The Binds We Maneuver

Thick Blood Thick Water

Thick Blood Thick Water was presented as part of the Summer Fresh Festival, culminating in a sold out staged reading on August 23rd! 

Morgan is now an In-House Artist with Broad Views on Broadway. Thick Blood Thick Water will be presented as part of their 2018-2019 Season.

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Thick Blood Thick Water was recently presented as part of the Summer Fresh Festival this summer. The staged reading featured:

Kelley Heyer as Maren
Cordelia Orbach as Briana
Alejandro Cervantes as Ethan
Kathy Richter as Ed
Norman Outlaw as Jane

Nikomeh Anderson

tech elements:
Robin Ediger-Soto


Peter Carellini

Thank you to everyone who helped sell out this reading and donated! Stay tuned for where Thick Blood Thick Water goes next! 



Morgan presented more of their poetry, this time personally performing with the support of the Lemon and Ginger podcast. "The Binds We Maneuver" was a workshop performance presentation featuring performance art, film, spoken word, play and musical excerpts -- all pieces featured or highlighted the "binds" women-identifying humans get in and out of. 

Morgan has been writing short stories, songs, and poems for as long as they can remember. Their high school creative writing teacher gave them the confidence to write daily, and only in the past year and a half have they begun to submit their poetry and writing for performances. Contact Morgan for more of their work!

writer. actor. model.


Morgan Dean


Maren, a young queer woman fresh out of college, finds out that her cousin (and friend) has been arrested for child molestation. Years later, she visits her cousin in prison and, through flashbacks, navigates her family’s hidden past, her father’s homophobia, and what love means to her.

seesaw​ (and Morgan's poetry's NYC debut) was presented as part of FIRSTS by The Shrill Collective. All proceeds went to Everytown for Gun Safety. Contact Morgan for more of their poetry!