THEM was recently presented as part of the Summer Fresh Festival this summer. The staged reading featured:


Kelley Heyer as Maren

Cordelia Orbach as Briana

Alejandro Cervantes as Ethan

Kathy Richter as Ed

Norman Outlaw as Jane


Nikomeh Anderson

tech elements:

Robin Ediger-Soto


Peter Carellini

Thank you to everyone who helped sell out this reading and donated! Stay tuned for where THEM goes next! 

Them: a new play 

Morgan is so excited to announce her residency as an In-House Artist with Broad Views on Broadway for their 2018-19 Season! She will be workshopping THEM as well as writing more, learning more, and participating in community initiatives to help give back to the community that has given her so much. BVOB is a not-for-profit that focuses in uplifting queer and POC voices in theater. Click here to watch the commercial for their 2018-2019 Season! Come back to stay updated!


artwork by Gaelen McCartney



Maren, a young queer woman fresh out of college, finds out that her cousin (and friend) has been arrested for child molestation. Years later, she visits her cousin in prison and, through flashbacks, navigates her family’s hidden past, her father’s homophobia, and what love means to her.

Morgan Dean

Actor   Writer   Singer

A few scenes from THEM will be performed as part of the 7 O'Clock Spot with No Man's Land Theatre Co on September 25th. Stop by!