About Me

Morgan Dean

Actor   Writer   Singer

Morgan Dean (she/her they/them) is an actor/writer/singer hailing from Poughkeepsie(ish), NY and graduated with a BFA in Music Theater from The Hartt School in Hartford, Connecticuit. She now happily lives in Woodside with her neurotic black cat, Ruby.

Ever since Morgan was a little kid, she would dance in front of her TV or glass cabinets (other reflective surfaces like mirrors were beyond her height) and sing at the dinner table until her mother would ask her to "change the radio station." Even though she didn't start releasing her writing until recently, Morgan has always written poems, fiction, and songs (which she will absolutely never show you, she is definitely not a songwriter). 

It wasn’t until high school that Morgan really began to acknowledge their need to act. Her family was very focused on sports and grades so she spent most of her childhood on the soccer field or tennis court during the summer, and huddled over her homework during the school year instead of performing on the stage. Morgan still appreciates and continues to enjoy the other facets of their life that do not directly involve theater, like cooking vegan food, running, watching The Rachel Maddow Show, and reading sci-fi.